The Bell Bottom High Series was introduced in 2017 as a "young adult series for adults" by Barbara Joe Williams using the pen name B.J. Williams. All books are available exclusively on Amazon Kindle. Only Book 1 is available in paperback right now on Amazon or direct ordering from the author.

Book 1: Freshman Fears
The Bell Bottom High series introduces Reecy Jones, a book-smart, fourteen-year-old, high school freshman, attending Bell High School in the fictional town of Clifton, Arkansas. In this first book, one of Reecy's classmates, Lena Turnipseed, comes to her for advice in the fall of 1973. Lena is pregnant and wants to run away from home to avoid embarrassing her professional parents, getting kicked out of her church, and attending an alternative school across town.

Reecy reluctantly agrees to help her classmate find a shelter for unwed mothers where Lena can hide out until after the baby is born. Although Reecy and Lena are not really friends, Reecy swears to keep the location a secret while Lena plots a getaway plan.

When the pressure mounts, will Reecy keep Lena's secret or will it be too much for her to handle?

Book 2: Sophomore Sorrows
The drama continues at Bell Bottom High as Reecy Jones turns fifteen-years-old and enters her sophomore studies in the fall of 1974. This year, Reecy is struggling with her own family situation. In addition, she's trying to help her best friend, Joyce Campbell, deal with an abusive home life combined with personal news that has rocked her world. The story, set in the fictional town of Clifton, Arkansas, follows the lives of two teenage girls who both have a lot of growing up to do.

When Joyce finally exposes the truth about herself and her family, will Reecy be able to help her best friend cope with the pressures of life? Will Reecy be able to cope with her own family drama?

Book 3: Junior Jewels

Another drama unfolds at Bell Bottom High as Reecy Jones turns sixteen-years-old during the 1975-76 school year and is allowed to begin group dating. However, her life gets turned upside down after going out with a popular male classmate, who lies about what happened between them. Reecy is struggling to maintain her dignity with a little help from her friends.

Although Reecy has been known as a good girl, is her reputation about to be ruined or can she finish up the school year with her head held high?

Book 4: Senior Sins
In the final explosive episode of Bell Bottom High, Reecy Jones is a seventeen-year-old senior preparing to graduate at the top of her class in 1977. That is until one of the new teachers in Clifton, Arkansas, accuses her of committing an academic sin. Now she's in danger of being expelled and having to repeat part of her senior year in summer school.

With time running out, can Reecy prove the false charges against her in time to graduate as the class valedictorian or not?