Forgive Us This Day (Anniversary Edition)



Michael Wayne was the Chief Executive Officer of a million dollar business who was about to make the biggest mistake of his life. He didn’t have any business in Lisa’s house, let alone in her bedroom on a stormy night. Unfortunately, he was hypnotized by her sensual presence. After all, he and Lisa had history. They were once labeled the “cute couple” in college, even though that was almost twenty years ago. Right now, he was just trying to remember to breathe. The pounding of his heart was making it difficult to concentrate, especially with Lisa’s soft lips trembling against his. Somehow, he had to break her spell and get out of there before the situation went any further.

“Lisa, please stop. I can’t do this.” That’s what he wanted to say, only his mouth was betraying him by not opening. Her intoxicating fragrance was simply driving him mad. She was wearing her signature scent. Obsession.

“Michael, baby, just relax and let me help you release some tension,” Lisa whispered, seemingly reading his mind. Then she tongued his ear in a smooth circular motion.

“Lisa, you—you know that’s my weak spot,” he responded, leaning away from her.

“Yeah, I know all your weak spots, Michael. I want to lick every one of them all night long.”

She moistened an index finger, slowly slid it across his lips, and pushed him back on her queen-sized bed. While climbing on top of him, Lisa let her red silk kimono slither down, revealing her nakedness. She felt an electric sensation go through Michael’s body from the top of his head all the way down to the tip of his toes. I got you now, baby. You never could resist my sexiness.

He still had feelings for her and she intended to capitalize on them tonight. With a slim body in perfect form, Lisa was prepared to please him in all the ways she remembered he liked. Lowering her head, so her long, reddish, wavy hair would cascade around her face, she wickedly smiled down at him. Her seduction plan was working to perfection.

Yes, Michael used to love her vanilla chocolate skin with the pretty freckled face, beaming brown eyes, and luscious lips. She would easily remind him of all of her feminine assets tonight and add a few tricks to the mix.

Michael’s mind went blank. He finally relaxed, eased back against the black satin sheets, and succumbed to temptation. Obviously, he couldn’t think anymore and his body had already made an executive decision. He didn’t have any control over what was happening. The blood flowing to his manhood had drained all the guiltiness from his brain. Now the passion consumed Michael and took over his entire being as if he was having an out-of-body experience.

Lisa willingly helped him out of his clothing. Feeling him weakening against her tempting charms, she slowly undressed him, enjoying the sight of his fine brown frame, round piercing eyes, and silky smooth skin. He still had the six-foot, muscular, defined shape of the twenty-two year old man she had always loved. She even remembered the slight tickle she used to get from his barely there mustache on her face. Lisa loved the closely trimmed beard he had grown, and the way it connected to his mustache emphasized his full fiery lips. He was more handsome than ever, and his dark, neatly waved hair was sharply edged to perfection.

Tonight, she was his completely. Lying in his arms, they engaged in a fierce kiss. All the years they had been apart meld into nothingness. They were together again, the way they were meant to be. Only this time, she would do anything to keep her man. He would be hers alone. Forever. It didn’t matter if he had a wife. Alese didn’t know how to please him like she did.

Hell, I had him first anyway. Besides, I could easily replace her. Where is she in his time of sexual need? I’m what he needs at this moment. I’m going to make sure he’s satisfied and comes back for more.

Pulling away from his scorching lips, Lisa gazed down at the engorged penis she gently massaged. She hunched her body against the grown man shuddering at her touch. Clearly, he hasn’t been stroked like this in a long time. Poor thing.

“Oh, Lisa, please don’t stop. Please don’t stop what you’re doing,” he begged, using the sexy tone she craved.

Lisa straddled his torso, slipped his shaft into her wetness, and began working her usual magic. While licking his hard nipples, he moaned with pleasure. From the intense frown on Michael’s face and his shortness of breath, Lisa surmised they were only seconds away from a blissful orgasm. Hoping their lustful night would never end, she slowed down her strokes.

As they made eye contact, Lisa murmured, “Don’t worry, baby, I hadn’t planned on stopping. We’re just getting started.”

End of Sample

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