Amani Publishing Fees and Submissions


Thank you for choosing (or considering) Amani Publishing, LLC, for your critiquing, editing, proofreading, consulting, or other publishing needs. Please make sure that your manuscript is formatted according to the following guidelines for an accurate price quote:

  • Please place the title at the top of the page
  • Place your full name under the title
  • Place your email address under your name
  • Double-space entire manuscript
  • Set 1-inch margins all around
  • Make sure you have a 12-point font
  • Space only once after a period
  • Remove all headers and/or footers
  • Place section (or page) breaks between each chapter
  • Turn off right justification

Current rates are:

  • Critiquing, $2 per page: means reading and evaluating the quality of the manuscript for publishing and providing feedback only.
  • Proofreading, $2 per page: means that the manuscript has been edited and I'm checking for basic errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, word usage, repetition, etc.
  • Content or developmental editing, $3 per page: means that I'm editing the general content of the manuscript for clarity/consistency, and overall development of the storyline including the characters.
  • Copy or line editing, $3 per page: means that I'm editing each line for sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, formatting, spelling, capitalization, word choice, tense changes, voice changes, repetition, etc.
  • Content and copy editing, $4 per page: means that I'm editing for content as well as copy.
  • Consulting, $55 an hour: may be done in person (locally) or via the telephone, or Skype via the computer.
  • EBook conversion, $55 for basic conversion; $75 with a working Table of Contents for Kindle and Nook only.
  • Publishing, $1,200 for package: email for complete details ([email protected]). If you're interested in publishing, please let me know the genre and how you plan to market your book. Generally, AP doesn't publish erotica, fantasy, horror, or science-fiction. 

Turnaround time depends on page length and publishing package. Full payments must be made before services are started. Minimum $10 service charge.

The current PayPal processing rates will be added to your invoice. Prices subject to change without notification.